Digital Workplace
Work better,
Innovate together

Catalyze cultural change and introduce a new way of working to your organization by embedding visual collaboration into your digital workplace.

Virtual sticky note meetings for design thinking and enterprise collaboration

Instant meetings

Create whiteboard meetings on-the-fly to collaborate with anyone.

Virtual whiteboard

Collaborate from anywhere on a shared whiteboard using stickies, ink and much more.


Animate creative workshops with individual ideation and voting from any device.

Microsoft integration

Integrate iObeya and O365 through Teams and SharePoint with SSO.

Experience Mapping
Design Review
Speed Boat
Business Model Canvas
UX Storyboards
Empathy Map
Solution diagrams

Key benefits

Animate meetings with visual information co-defined by all participants from anywhere
Amplify creativity and collective intelligence to develop a culture of innovation
Build a participative organization by increasing transparency to leverage your human capital

iObeya has enabled us to evolve our management practices: more collaboration, better productivity and improved efficiency in our meetings, thanks to continuous, interactive and digital execution of our actions, projects and business unit activities.

Serge Levinshon,
Program Manager - HR

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