Just like paper...

iObeya's real-world look and feel mimics your current Visual Management perfectly.
Adopt it immediately without training, thanks to its unique and immersive user experience designed for large touch displays.
As simple to use as the sticky notes, laminated cards, T-cards, magnets, stickers and pens used in your meeting rituals today. 

Experience a seamless transition from paper to digital Visual Management with iObeya.

…but better!

iObeya removes all your current limitations with secure, virtual meeting rooms for real time, multi-site collaboration, anytime and anywhere.
Meetings are simpler to prepare and more productive, with enhanced
animation and participation.
Augment your reality and boost your Visual Management throughout the organization.

For today's Visual Management...

iObeya adapts to all your sticky note meetings 'out of the box' :
Lean, Project Management, Brainstorming, other Agile practices
and much more.

…and tomorrow’s vision

Integrated with your information systems and extendable through customization, create a true
Enterprise Visual Cockpit.

It’s easy to deploy...

Developed in full HTML5, iObeya is a totally ubiquitous web-based application, designed for all types of interactions, operating systems and devices.

…and ready for your IT

It is the only Enterprise Visual Management platform available on premise and compliant with your IT standards (also available on a dedicated cloud).

Enhance your Visual Management NOW!