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Sanofi & iObeya – Customer Testimonial

Discover the implementation of iObeya in Sanofi’s production system. As a Lean tool, iObeya aims to simplify operations and enhance customer satisfaction for Sanofi. This testimonial highlights the role of iObeya, a visual management platform, in streamlining collaboration and improving performance across various production sites. The platform enables real-time data sharing, time-saving in reporting processes, and structured workflow sequences. The testimonial emphasizes the teams’ attachment to iObeya and its role in enhancing decision-making and problem-solving. For Sanofi, the Sanofi Manufacturing System and iObeya have played a crucial role in improving performance and achieving product launch objectives.
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Miro vs iObeya

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Lean software solution for the pharmaceutical industry
Discover how iObeya helps pharmaceutical companies improve quality, compliance, and production performance.