Sanofi x Forrester

Forrester and Sanofi present Sanofi's Digital Shopfloor Management System Download the TEI study Forrester x Sanofi study | Digital SQDCP & Lean 4.0

A Lean team uses a Kanban board displayed on a large screen within the iObeya online platform

iObeya Enterprise
Platform Pricing

Our pricing is as simple as possible

All inclusive with free unlimited whiteboarding

Our pricing model is based on team rooms

More than a digital whiteboard, iObeya is based on the concept of virtual Obeyas. It is the reason why we price by team room, not by user. This makes the licensing for various different teams incredibly simple. Just like in the real world, a virtual Obeya room is a place where team members can come and go, given the right credentials.

We have designed the rooms to accommodate meetings from shift handovers and daily stand-ups to Kaizen bursts and large PI Planning.

Price per room US$300/month

billed annually

Equivalent price per user US$15/month

based on a team of 20 users / room

Check out our subscription-based pricing model

On-premise or Cloud platform

Cloud-based as single tenant on AWS with ability to choose server location

Advanced security ISO-27001 certified

SSO support with multiple identity providers (Azure AD, Google, IBM Verify, Okta, OneLogin)

User Provisioning (LDAPS, SAML)

A minimum of 10 rooms included (to build a Visual Management System for an ART in SAFe, a manufacturing plant or a complex project)

40 boards per room

200 users with read/write access per room

Unlimited guests with read access

All functionality included (for Lean, Agile and more)

User interface available in 9 languages (EN, US, FR, DE, NL, JA, ZH, RU, ES)

For all users with access to the platform

A whiteboarding session gives the ability to collaborate on one board for 48 hours

100 users with read/write access per session

Whiteboards can be exported, imported and added to virtual rooms

Atlassian Jira

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft PowerAutomate

Open API (enabling specific integrations with platforms like SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow etc.)

Platform and Domain Administration

Dedicated administration console for central and secure management by IT Operations

Ability to isolate rooms and users based on configurable domains e.g. for different departments or corporate entities

Management of user credentials and permissions

Usage statistics

Configuration management


Technical Support by email and phone

Access to extensive knowledge base (Resource Center)

In English and French

Follow the sun (in English)

4-hour response time SLA

(*) billed annually, (**) based on a team of 20 users / room

Price per room US$300/month*

Equivalent price per user US$15/month**

Price per room US$300/month

billed annually

Equivalent price per user US$15/month

based on a team of 20 users / room

Tailor-made Professional Services

From pilot to broad deployment, your Customer Success Manager serves as a single point of contact to coordinate training, product configuration, integration, change management and methodology support.
Our focus on professional services offers a high-touch approach combined with Lean-Agile expertise to successfully implement your large management systems with you.
Our professional services are quoted separately and depend on your deployment scope and scale.