Sanofi x Forrester

Forrester and Sanofi present Sanofi's Digital Shopfloor Management System Download the TEI study Forrester x Sanofi study | Digital SQDCP & Lean 4.0

Discover our features

Boards, cards, facilitation mode, integrations and more. Discover all the features available on the iObeya Visual Management platform!

Digital Obeya

iObeya replicates traditional Oobeya

Whiteboarding session

Open a 48-hour long whiteboarding session and invite any users to join


Create information flows in and out of iObeya with powerful integrations


8 types of different cards available for each type of activity


Activate the timer, guide participants around the room, and manage creativity sessions

Smart boards

Intelligent boards for multiple use cases shared across several teams


Create your visual management standards you wish to share across your organization.


Discover the bidirectional integration between Azure DevOps and iObeya


Discover the bidirectional integration between Jira and iObeya

Daily Capacity Management

Visually plan and control your daily activities with Daily Capacity Management


Leverage your SQCDP for performance management and continuous improvement

Process Mapping

Highlight your process segmentation and engage all participants