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Design Thinking

6 Thinking Hats

The 6 thinking hats tool is a creative problem-solving process that helps people break free from habitual ways of thinking. It allows you to perceive challenges and events from different perspectives.

Blind side

The Blind side exercise is to disclose and discover unknown information that can impact organizational and group success in any area of the company.
Design Thinking

Impact Effort matrix

The Impact Effort matrix is used to organise suggested solutions or issues based on a comparison between the effort required by the team to solve the problems and the impact the solution will have on the users.

Kanban board (Product Dev)

A Kanban board (Product Dev) helps you visualize the different steps of a project, using different columns for different status.
Performance Management

Milestone slip chart

The Milestone slip chart is a graph that tracks the position of the project's milestones over time.
Performance Management

OKR board

The OKR board combines objectives with the measurement of key results. This method consists of defining ambitious short-term objectives and developing a strategy & guidance to attain them.
Performance Management

Performance index

A Performance Index board monitors, tracks and shows progress in real time of performance indicators.
Design Thinking

PICK matrix

A PICK matrix helps identifying which ideas should be acted on first. It is also an enabler for focusing discussion and achieving consensus.

Plane map

With Plane map, brainstorm ideas around your project trajectory by understanding the value and power you are bringing.
Problem Solving

Problem Tree

The problem tree is a logical framework and analysis tool that allows the causes and effects of a specific problem to be mapped out in order to better understand it and better consider what can be done about it.
Design Thinking

Risk matrix

The Risk matrix an analysis technique that assesses the severity of a risk in relation to the probability of its occurrence. It highlights the degree of impact of each risk.
Design Thinking

Risk matrix weighted

The Risk matrix weighted categorizes risk according to Probability and severity and ranks them for better decision-making.
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