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iObeya BusinessApplication WebApplication
4.6 ( 111 ratings )

"iObeya: The #1 Tool for building Visual, Collaborative, Improvable Human Work Systems"

Obeyas are like snowflakes: no two are (or should!) be alike. You and your team have your own way of working. So I appreciate the extensive functionality and myriad customizable templates (and related searchability and portability) iObeya offers so that I can build and continuously evolve my obeya to suit my team and projects’ requirements. [...]
At the end of the day iObeya is the tool I don't want to work...live...function without.


"iObeya, best visual management platform"

Simple to use although powerful and flexible
Start small and simple, then increase complexity
Really reproduces what you can do IRL adding benefits of digital (remote worker, ..)


"Digitalization of Visual Management and Obeya rooms"

Efficient way of managing visual management boards in digital way, which is user-friendly for members without border restriction, save paper and time, improve productivity, fast access to historized data and KPI trackings.


"Excellent purpose-built Lean +QDCI Daily Mgt Enterprise-Level Platform"

Designed specifically for +QDCI lean daily management. Quick to learn and easy to use. Design to an enterprise system with integrations between teams & data sources.


"Excellent tool to support Agile programs at Scale"

Easy to setup and grasp, with a nice feeling of cleanliness and organization.
Great start with new features supporting integrations with Azure DevOps and Jira, to avoid duplication of information.
As a SAFe Release Train Engineer, this tool helped saving my PI planning and following execution, with distributed teams and people working from home.
Also, amazing support from the iObeya team!


"Game Changer for Digital Collaboration"

iObeya helped us a lot to improve our teamwork across sites and countries. As an industiral company with manufacturing facilities and complex long term projects we have Lean, Agile, Shopfloor and Project Management in our DNA. iObeya provides all this features and methods while being easy and intuitive to use.
Weather monitoring KPIs on dashboards, tracking actions and tasks or showing operational progesss and risks, iObeya enables high transparency and efficiency of all relevant information. Smart working and and Visual Management go together, of course this trend was also boosted by the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Boards, cards, facilitation mode, integrations and more...

Miro vs iObeya

Two solutions, two different approaches

Lean software solution for the pharmaceutical industry
Discover how iObeya helps pharmaceutical companies improve quality, compliance, and production performance.