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Digitize Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence

While transforming to 4.0, use iObeya to digitally replicate your paper-based Performance Management system with limited change management for operators.

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Screenshot of an iObeya board showing Lean Manufacturing rituals
Screenshot of an iObeya board showing Lean Manufacturing rituals

Align strategy and execution seamlessly

Digitize your Performance Management System (SQCDP)

Move your in-person Shopfloor Management system online, easily applying standards across the organization.

Automatically consolidate SQCDP

Automatically aggregate the values of your indicators at each level of your KPI tree.

Accelerate decision making

Improve your data flow to easily escalate, track actions and resolve issues, reducing lead time to solve problems for operational excellence.

Integrate to your existing business applications

Integrate performance management with your manufacturing data to provide an aggregated view to your team.

Easily organize teams and shifts

Optimize your scheduling, visually allocate your workload and provide a consolidated view to seamlessly transition between shifts.

Digitize your Performance Management System
(SQCDP) to achieve operational excellence

Easily replicate your shopfloor SQCDP dashboards, indicators and reports for your operators

Build your plant and line management dashboards to connect your executive and operational levels on a single platform

Automatically consolidate SQCDP​

Build your SQCDP KPI tree

One-click configuration to consolidate KPIs at each level of the organization

Automatically distribute changes through all levels of the KPI tree, reducing lead time

Monitor trends, analyze different timelines and share the status of your production lines

Accelerate decision making

Trigger corrective actions based on KPI results

Analyze root causes in problem solving workshops such as Ishikawa

Escalate issues to the right level within your organization

Cascade solutions through the system to the right teams in real time

Integrate to your existing business applications

Aggregate data from multiple manufacturing applications to create a complete view of your plant operations

Use tools like MS Power Automate or the iObeya Open API to integrate applications like SAP, and Oracle

Easily organize teams and shifts
using Daily Capacity Management (DCM)

Configure and schedule your production using Daily Capacity Management

Easily respond to changes in schedules and manage adherence to planning

Support the handover between shifts

Experience the power
and unleash your full potential!

A strong relationship
built on trust

Capgemini's logo, iObeya's client
The iObeya tool is more than a whiteboard, it is truly a collaborative management and operating system.
Yannick Gorin
Head of Lean Agile Transformation Center of Excellence
Our ambition for the Marcy l'Etoile site is to become a 4.0 factory for the entire value chain of our vaccine manufacturing. In the context of the Covid situation, we had to learn to work differently and iObeya was a key driver of this transformation in our way of working. It's a very simple, very efficient tool that has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the teams.
Emilie Chabanon
Manufacturing 4.0 Manager
iObeya accelerates Lean adoption throughout the organization and has enabled our Product Development teams, dispersed across multiple sites, to collaborate more efficiently.
Raphaël Seignez
Engineering Tool Governance – Defense & Space

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