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Digitize Lean Manufacturing and Operational Excellence

While transforming to 4.0, use iObeya to digitally replicate your paper-based Performance Management system with limited change management for operators.
Photo of an employee practicing lean manufacturing and more specifically digital SQDC on an iObeya board
Move your in-person Shopfloor Management system online, easily applying standards across the organization.

Automatically aggregate the values of your indicators at each level of your KPI tree.

Improve your data flow to easily escalate, track actions and resolve issues, reducing lead time to solve problems for operational excellence

Integrate performance management with your manufacturing data to provide an aggregated view to your team
Optimize your scheduling, visually allocate your workload and provide a consolidated view to seamlessly transition between shifts

Digitize your Performance Management System SQCDP to achieve operational excellence

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Automatically consolidate SQCDP

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Accelerate decision making

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Integrate to your existing business applications

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Easily organize teams and shifts using Daily Capacity Management (DCM)


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