Digitize Agile
at Scale

Create a digital system for your Agile at Scale practices  including SAFe®, the Scaled Agile Framework, allowing your teams to operate in the new hybrid environment.

Screenshot of an iObeya board showing Agility rituals at scale
Digitize Agile ceremonies, recreating the power of in-person, paper-based team rooms for a hybrid world

Connect individual teams to the larger organization, visualizing the work of teams and aligning it to business outcomes

Increase adoption rates and decrease time to Agile transformation organization-wide by using iObeya, an Agile software

Replicate the in-person experience digitally, using one tool to manage PI planning from start to finish, including data integration
Easy to use and powerful integrations that enable real-time ALM data updates including Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps

Virtual Agile team rooms

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Link strategy and execution

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Accelerate Agile at Scale transformation

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Hybrid PI Planning

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Visually manage the flow of work

Jira Azure DevOps

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Why iObeya

A work space structured as a physical Obeya

Jira, ADO or custom made with the API (O365 & Power automate...)

Adopt Visual Management for your Lean & Agile methods

The leading security solution on the market

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Uses Cases

Lean for your project management and product development

Digitalize your performance management system including SQDCP

An hybrid environment for your Agile transformation (SAFe®)

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From oObeyas
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The Obeya story and its Lean & Agile variations