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Webinar Replay: Supercharge your organization using the Leading with Obeya method

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This webinar is rich with practical insights, focusing on how to pragmatically apply the Leading With Obeya method in your organization, connecting overarching strategies to on-ground execution. Discover how to create an overview and insights that pave the way for informed decisions.

Streamlining Collaboration with iObeya

Olav Maassen introduces iObeya, a digital solution revolutionizing the traditional Obeya concept, during the webinar. He highlights its role in centralizing information for effective decision-making, addressing challenges faced by physical spaces, particularly during the pandemic. Unlike simple digital whiteboards, iObeya offers a comprehensive visual management system designed to scale collaboration across organizations, emphasizing timely access to information for all team members. The platform enables the creation of interconnected digital rooms, fostering collaboration across organizational boundaries and facilitating the flow of information and processes.

Leading with Obeya: Transforming Leadership and Organizational Management

Tim Weigel delves into the Leading with Obeya method, emphasizing its potential to enhance leadership and organizational management. He discusses the challenges faced by management teams and outlined Obeya as a method to address these issues through strategic planning, execution, and problem-solving . Tim underscores the importance of adapting Obeya to suit organizational contexts and highlighted its compatibility with various frameworks. He emphasizes the method’s holistic approach, going beyond mere tool usage to foster a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement .

Connecting Strategy with Execution Through Visualization

Bertus introduces Start templates designed to streamline the implementation of Obeya methods, emphasizing their efficiency and ease of use. He showcases practical examples of their application, illustrating how strategic capabilities, indicators, and milestones are linked across organizational levels to facilitate communication and alignment. Bertus outlines four key ways to connect strategy with execution using the Start templates, emphasizing the importance of visual elements in supporting communication and collaboration among different stakeholders. In conclusion, he highlights the effectiveness of these templates in driving strategic alignment and achieving organizational goals.
This webinar provides valuable insights into harnessing the power of Obeya for collaboration, leadership transformation , and strategic alignment. The innovative solutions presented offer practical strategies for organizations to enhance communication, break down silos, and drive performance. By adopting these methodologies and leveraging digital tools like iObeya and the Leading with Obeya Method, businesses can navigate challenges effectively and pave the way for sustainable growth and success in today’s dynamic environment.

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