Sanofi x Forrester

Forrester and Sanofi present Sanofi's Digital Shopfloor Management System Download the TEI study Forrester x Sanofi study | Digital SQDCP & Lean 4.0

San Diego, California

Join us for the Kanban Leadership Retreat North America

San Diego, California
[11:10] Nathalie De Thézy Visual for the Retreat North America Kanban Leadership Event from the 6th to the 8th november

Gather together with Kanban leaders and enthusiasts including coaches, thought leaders and practitioners at this unconference. An event like no other, there is no set agenda. That’s right, participants bring the topics they want to discuss and plan the agenda together on the very first night of the event.

IObeya is so excited to be a sponsor at this engaging and participative event where participants will guide the topics, discussions, and learnings themselves. The goal is to challenge, explore and connect on all things Kanban in a truly collaborative and meaningful way.

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