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Process Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is an easy tool to show how a process is segmented. This approach ensures common knowledge of the current process and involves participants in the continuous improvement process. iObeya has built-in tools for process mapping, which are core to the Lean approach.



VSM tools

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Pareto Graph showing the new feature available in the Lean Agile digital platform, iObeya.

Pareto chart

Integrate the Pareto Chart into your problem-solving and analysing efforts
Illustration of the web content feature in iObeya allowing user to integrate images and documents from external applications

Web content in iObeya

Automatically consolidate your dashboards by integrating external content into iObeya with the Web Content tool
Illustration for digital boards in iObeya dedicated to scaled agile practices

Agile Planning Boards

iObeya offers tools for organization-wide Agile planning, supporting portfolio management, PI planning, sprint planning, and more.
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