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What’s new in iObeya 4.11?

Disclaimer 📢

The version 4.11 is a Cloud version. Therefore, the improvements and new features described below are only available for Cloud customers yet.
Of course, they will be available in the next certified version of iObeya for on-premise installations scheduled for Q4 2022.
Stay tuned!

New general features

iObeya in Dutch 🌷

iObeya is available in 8 languages! We are delighted to announce that Dutch language has now been added to the list with this new version.
Both end user and administration interfaces have been fully localized and are now available in French, English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Dutch.

A unified documentation

Over the years, the iObeya add-ons that were initially used by a few early adopters have been massively embraced. Now most users are combining features from our various add-ons on a daily basis to unleash the power of Visual Management.

To adapt to this new trend, we have reorganized the content for both User Guide and Platform Admin Guide to merge the add-ons documentation with the standard iObeya documentation. Don’t be surprised if you only find one entry in the Help menu from your iObeya room: this will eventually lead you to the same sections of the documentation that used to be listed there.

You can now switch easily from one topic to another while discovering new features and capabilities offered by the iObeya platform. You will also enjoy having a single search field across all our documentation to find information and answers to your questions.

This is the first of a series of changes regarding product packaging to improve new user onboarding and accelerate time-to-value with iObeya.

iObeya connector available on Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps

iObeya boosts the agility of large organizations by bringing teams together on a single visual collaboration platform ready to support all your Visual Management practices. In compliance with the strictest security requirements, as validated by an ISO-27001 certification, iObeya can be connected to any data source to create a visual cockpit: this is a key factor to create a single source of truth with iObeya.
Until now, integration with other systems was possible via our official connectors (Azure DevOps, iceScrum, Jira, SharePoint or Teams) or by using the iObeya APIs. We are very thrilled to announce that the iObeya connector for the Power platform has been approved by Microsoft and opens a new era for low-code/no-code integration.
This connector exposes a subset of the powerful iObeya REST API endpoints as operations available for both Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps. It allows you to build and automate workflows between iObeya and more than 300 business applications including SAP, PowerBI, Planner, Excel, Google Spreadsheets and more.
In the upcoming months we will collect your feedback and gradually publish new actions, triggers and ready-to-use templates to better support integration scenarios with the most popular applications you’d like to integrate with iObeya.
To find out more about this connector and give it a try, feel free to consult the official documentation available on the Microsoft Power Automate website.

Industry 4.0

QCD add-on (Enterprise plan)

Reminder ☝

This is an add-on that need to be installed and activated on your iObeya platform. If you can’t find it, you need to request to your platform administrator to install this add-on.

Keep indicators list when switching between global consolidation operators (Sum, Avg, Min, Max)

Did you setup your indicators and global formula to consolidate your indicators and then suddenly realize that it was not the formula that you wanted?
We have updated this functionality so that now, you can switch between default global consolidation formulas such as Sum, Average, Minimum and Maximum, while still keeping your indicators in the console with no need to re-configure them! This will save time and improve efficiency at all levels of the QCD module usage in your organization, especially when you are looking for a bird’s eye view of your shopfloor’s daily activities.
If you want to learn more about data consolidation and information sharing between different teams and department, check-out our new training path Scaling up your QCD usage .

Default colors of QCD letters have been changed

By default, QCD letters are available with three different configurations providing some colors offered by iObeya. These colors are then used by default when adding QCD letters, charts or tables on a QCD board. As such, we recognized that the default colors did not offer a good contrast ratio with the gray color from the letter’s background, which made it really difficult to read, especially on video projectors or screens that are not well calibrated.
So, to improve the legibility and accessibility of the QCD module we decided to change these default colors! But, no need to worry, as these changes will not impact your existing QCD letters, boards or tools!

Search room by name when configuring the QCD escalation

Do you want to set up an escalation for a new or existing room but find yourself getting lost scrolling through too many rooms?
We have introduced a new search bar in the QCD escalation settings to simplify this process, so now, to follow up on escalated actions you just need to search the name of the particular room to find it faster, select it and continue problem solving by escalating to the right levels in your organization.
If you are looking for escalating actions from one room to another, “vertically” or “horizontally” making the most of your room network, check-out our new training path Scaling up your QCD usage .


Agile add-on

Reminder ☝

This is an add-on that need to be installed and activated on your iObeya platform. If you can’t find it, you need to request to your platform administrator to install this add-on.

Ability to rename SAFe Team Boards

The Agile add-on provides content and features to help you speed up your Agile transformation. Thanks to our partnership with Scaled Agile, Inc., we offer all the Visual Management boards recommended by SAFe to deploy Agile practices across teams and increase productivity and value created.
With the Kanban board, the Program Board and the Team Breakout board, you can prepare and host your PI Planning events in any context, face-to-face, hybrid or fully remote.
The Team Breakout board has been designed to be used in combination with the Program Board to help teams plan their sprint according to their capacity. However this board can also be used to support other rituals than PI Planning and needs to be more flexible.
Users will now be able to modify the name of any existing Team Breakout board by editing the settings via the board menu.

Performance and Scalability

We continuously strive to improve the performance and scalability of the iObeya platform. Below is a list of product areas and features where you can experience better performance with iObeya 4.11.

  • Optimization of /getactionslistfilter service endpoint response time which is used to filter different types of actions coming from a letter, associated with a board/room, or actions escalated for faster loading of QCD action plans

  • Optimization of/getactionletter service endpoint response time for faster loading of QCD action edition interface and QCD action plans

Release notes 4.11

To learn more about what changed in iObeya 4.11, read the detailed Release notes to get the full list of changes and bug fixes included in this new version.
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