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Distributed project planification with Jira and Azure DevOps data at your fingertips

Disclaimer 📢

The version 4.26 is a Cloud version. Therefore, the improvements and new features described below are only available for Cloud customers yet.

Of course, they will be available in the next certified version of iObeya for on-premise installations scheduled for Q2 2024.

Stay tuned!

General features

Web Content Improvements 

Once again, we are back with improvements on Web content with this version 4.26 of iObeya. This time we worked on one of the long-standing web content improvements demands raised by the iObeya community: being able to refresh documents embedded via a web content element on an iObeya board without needing to refresh the entire board. For this, we have added a refresh button to the bottom bar of web content elements. This feature is particularly useful when integrating documents from applications that don’t support real-time updating.

We’ve also added two more shortcuts to quickly open the document in a new tab and open the contextual menu from the control bar, to enhance the usability of the web content tool. 


Combine iObeya Agile cards with Jira or Azure DevOps cards on the Team boards 

When using a Team board, the calculation of the load for each iteration column now includes story points from Jira and Azure DevOps cards, in addition to the iObeya Story Cards. 

The Team board, inspired from the Scaled Agile Framework®, serves as a centralized space for various types of cards, promoting efficiency and providing a convenient platform for team collaboration. Particularly during Program Increment (PI) planning, when the team is in the process of breaking down features into stories and engages in discussions, it’s crucial to efficiently evaluate the workload before generating additional story cards and reorganizing the work to be delivered across each sprint. This evolution provides real-time updates, empowering the team to combine both Jira/Azure DevOps cards with iObeya Story cards. 

Performance Management

Ability to pause tasks on Daily Capacity Management boards

With iObeya 4.26, we have introduced a new possibility in DCM, the ability to interrupt or put on pause a specific task. During a normal production day followed in DCM planning it might happen that a certain task needs to be interrupted at a given time to start certain other tasks, or for a break or pause for the person in charge of the task. This operational reality poses challenges when it comes to organizing and precisely tracking the progress of tasks. As tasks may be planned long-term and will be divided over time, the users need to have the possibility to divide their tasks into multiple parts (knowing that it is the same task in its continuity) without distorting the DCM KPIs.

For these reasons, DCM users will now be able to use a new status “Pause” for their tasks indicating that the task has been paused with the desired remaining duration. They will be able to reschedule the remaining part of the task in a DCM planning board via the DCM task catalogue with a process similar to the tasks sent to the backlog The part of the task that is left on the board is marked as done and the DCM KPIs are updated accordingly. 

In the coming versions, we will be bringing more improvements to this functionality such as giving the possibility to the user to choose the status of the task remaining on the board once it has been paused, or automatic resizing of the task on the DCM planning according to the time the task has been paused for. 

Release notes 4.26

To learn more about what changed in iObeya 4.26, read the    detailed Release notes to get the full list of changes and bug fixes included in this new version.

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