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Unlocking The Power of Obeya: Insights, Methods, Scale and Whiskey Tale

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced practitioner, embark on an exciting Obeya journey with this webinar replay. Watch to get fresh perspectives and actionable takeaways from like-minded individuals.

Explore the transformative power of Obeya —an innovative approach reshaping organizational culture for enhanced collaboration, transparency, and innovation . Delve into valuable insights on the Obeya Method , understanding how its principles and practices can efficiently streamline workflows and elevate the learning experience within corporate environments.

Discover the impact of iObeya in scaling the application of Obeya, amplifying alignment, efficiency, and overall results for organizations. Learn from real-world experiences as we share the fascinating story of managing a whiskey distillery through digital Obeya (iObeya) . This webinar contains not only inspiring anecdotes but also valuable lessons directly from the distillery floor.

This virtual Obeya Summit after-party session features a stellar lineup of speakers including the Obeya Association’s Bart Bongers and Dolf Reijnders, Eraneos’ Eric Rozemeijer and Feiko van der Kolk, iObeya’s Olav Maassen and strategic advisor Roelof Douwstra.

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