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Capgemini Accelerates Lean Transformations with iObeya

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Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation with a diverse group of 290,000 team members across 50 countries. Capgemini Invent’s Center of Excellence assists global customers with all transformations such as Lean, Agile, Digital and Cultural transformation. The team is laser focused on helping C-level executives envision and build businesses that are more efficient, resilient, sustainable and data driven in a world where disruption intensifies the need to embrace transformation opportunities.

As a global consulting firm, Capgemini Invent constantly endeavors to ensure customers’ satisfaction, which is driven by rapid and relevant responses on a large scale. This can be difficult when highly skilled consultants are spread around the world and need to be pulled together in a secured, collaborative environment.

We work for our clients in mobilizing diverse expertise and transformation and design data science and strategy to help not only large companies, but also organizations and institutions to transform themselves in an increasingly digital ecosystem, driven by sustainability issues.

Etienne Piollet, VP Operations Transformation

Additionally, ensuring a successful large-scale Lean transformation from start to finish requires tracking execution progress and performance, which can be difficult. This is also true for Capgemini’s internal transformation program.

We realize that we are transforming our customers. They are taking ownership of the challenges of digital collaboration, and we have certain clients who are in favor of perpetuating the use of this type of platform as they are well aware of the added value it has for them in the context of their transformation.

Boris Savoure, Principal / Director – Operations excellence leveraged by data & digital

To be efficient, Capgemini Invent needed powerful and flexible tools to be able to accelerate their ability to address any situation.

iObeya helps Capgemini Invent build fast-response, cross-functional project teams that blend Lean transformation specialists, technology, and niche industry experts.

In Capgemini’s large, interconnected organization, their consultants’ daily job consists of building fast response cross functional project teams blending all appropriate stakeholders.

What our clients ask from us is to mobilize expertise that will be distributed geographically within a short amount of time. iObeya has accelerated our work on these aspects thanks to the functional coverage it provides and its collaboration dimension. Especially in the context of increased telecommuting.

Boris Savoure, Principal, Operations Transformation

Once you have the right people at work in your project team to implement and adapt relevant Lean practices, you have to give customers visibility on execution progress and prove that you’re bringing a tangible impact. This is also true internally at Capgemini.

Capgemini consultants are extremely busy and put a lot of effort into providing the best support for their customers. They needed an easy to use platform which was easy to deploy, but also powerful and secure to address their clients’ needs as well as their own challenges. With the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, Capgemini can trust iObeya to keep their clients’ sensitive data secure in the digital collaboration platform.

The iObeya feedback we get is easy to use, very broad in terms of functionalities and its data privacy and GDPR dimensions which are fundamental concerns, and at the heart of what we offer our customers in terms of added value.

Boris Savoure, Principal, Operations Transformation
Capgemini has several years of experience using iObeya for Visual Management practices such as process mapping. Business Process Mapping helps define what a business entity does, who is responsible, and how the success of a business process can be determined. Analyzing flows to target improvement efforts is a key part of successfully implementing Lean practices.

What is very clear to us today is that a solution such as iObeya is a real accelerator from the Visual Management perspective. It really addresses that challenge having all the players around the world understand and see that same thing.

Etienne Piollet, VP Operations Transformation
Visual Management tools help businesses easily view and share plans, ideas, problems, operations and key objectives on a regular and frequent basis at a glance. Especially digital Visual Management tools which help amplify these benefits and connect multi-site teams.

The indicator dimension and measurement system also integrate very well with iObeya, which seems to be an important element. All of it with the purpose of bringing people together to discuss their problems, to talk about the opportunities of new products or services they wish to develop.

Etienne Piollet, VP Operations Transformation
Tools that make KPIs such as digital SQCDP visible to the necessary layers of the organization are critical for transparency and demonstrating project value throughout the course of large-scale Lean deployment efforts.

Our conviction is that these working methods which were used in somewhat local, ad hoc, or opportunistic manners a few years back are now becoming for our clients nominal business as usual modes of management. Helping them to better take into account their customers expectations and improving collaboration with all stakeholders within their companies.

Etienne Piollet, VP Operations Transformation

Using iObeya has enabled Capgemini Invent to make a number of transformations possible and better help clients adopt Lean practices throughout their large enterprises.

Not only is iObeya an enabler, I would say it is more of a catalyst. It makes some number of transformations and operating modes possible. But beyond that, it helps employees get accustomed to new ways of working and new uses.

Etienne Piollet, VP Operations Transformation
iObeya has become a key driver in empowering employees to take into account their customers’ expectations and improve collaboration with all stakeholders within their companies.

It’s a good answer to the three bricks that make up the foundation of a business management system that ultimately allows these transformations to take place.

Etienne Piollet, VP Operations Transformation

Capgemini Invent believes iObeya is a valuable digital tool that helps its customers and consultants on a daily basis. To continuously assist Capgemini in providing their customers with support in their Enterprise management transformations, it’s critical that it remains integrated into Capgemini Invent’s offerings.

When I look at iObeya, it clearly belongs to the panel of digital tools we are offering to our customers as part of their transformation. And as long as it is driven by a customer need, it is very important that it remains integrated in our offers.

Boris Savoure, Principal, Operations Transformation

Overall, iObeya has become a cornerstone of Capgemini Invent’s services as well as its own business management system, bringing people together to address problems and opportunities.

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