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Digitize stand up meetings with Surface Hub 2S and iObeya

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In this video, discover how the iObeya platform with Microsoft Surface Hub 2S can revolutionize the way your team manages projects and collaborates on a daily basis, whether in the office or remotely.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is a 4K touchscreen display with high resolution and powerful graphics performance. It is available in 85 or 50 inches.

Designed to enhance team collaboration, especially through its integration with iObeya, the Surface Hub 2S greatly facilitates seamless information sharing through interactive whiteboards and dynamic brainstorming sessions.

During Lean and Agile team rituals, including stand-up meetings, the Surface Hub 2S promotes teamwork, even remotely, around essential KPIs via iObeya, thus facilitating smooth communication and effective collaboration.

Rethinking Lean and Agile Methods with Surface Hub 2S and iObeya

Enhance Lean and Agile methods with digitalized Visual Management rooms on iObeya.

With the digital Lean and Agile platform, iObeya, you are automatically connected to all team rooms you interact with. iObeya adapts to your team rituals allowing you to:

  • Use the numerous templates for Lean or Agile boards available to configure your Visual Management rooms.
  • Start your daily stand-up meeting wherever you are.
  • Collaborate with your team, even remotely.
  • Connect and synchronize your teams, from engineering offices to the field.
  • Drive your operational performance wherever you go by taking the battery powered Surface Hub 2S with you.

Surface Hub 2S and iObeya: THE enterprise solution to deploy your Visual Management!

Microsoft Surface Hub2S and iObeya bring the best solution for local and remote teams.
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