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Visualizing Work for Continuous Improvement and Lean Problem Solving with iObeya

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SIAé’s (Aeronautical industrial service of France) mission is to maintain, repair and modify aircraft, engines and equipment belonging to the Air Force, Navy or Army.

When SIAé began managing the availability of the limited number of C-130 aircraft which are critical to the special forces unit, they realized their main hurdle was the access to information.

They were in the dark regarding where the aircraft were going, how long flights and repairs would take, when they were needed, and more. As a result, they could not predict when the aircraft would be available for use or plan for maintenance and repair activities effectively.

With no direction and no perspective, no one knew how we were going to get things back on track.

IGA Tanguy Lestienne, SIAé Director

Support Continuous Improvement

They were seeking a digital tool that could assist in knowledge sharing and continuous improvement efforts that could be rapidly implemented across a global team, but keep things extremely secure given the sensitive nature of the information.

Using iObeya, SIAé organized a dedicated War Room for their daily huddles and streamlined operations. In this space, they can openly discuss different issues and define common priorities together. In practice, team members do not leave the War Room without a clear plan of action to adequately address problems most efficiently.

We have digitized this in iObeya, which allows our daily work, our common defined vision, to be visualized in real-time, from the operator on the shop floor to the director of the SIAé.

Alexandra Palluaud, C-130H Operational Support Manager, Fleet Monitoring Integrator for Clermont-Ferrand

Making this information available and visible to all stakeholders across all layers of the organization in real-time leads to aligned and swift problem-solving.

Break Down Silos, Improve Information Sharing and Effectively Problem Solve

By using iObeya’s digital visual management platform, SIAé was able to rapidly bridge organizational layers and break down silos by making all pertinent information visible to relevant stakeholders. iObeya enabled SIAé to create a global vision of the fleet’s status.

The C-130 collaboration space is multi-site, it is interconnected and used across locations.

Alexandra Palluaud, C-130H Operational Support Manager, Fleet Monitoring Integrator for Clermont-Ferrand

This dedicated collaboration space makes it easier for stakeholders from various work sites to work together to make decisions in real time. Teams easily adopted this tool seamlessly into their existing ways of working, which involves Lean practices. This smooth, rapid adoption led to uniform standards across the project from the start.

What was missing was a method and a tool to unify the teams and set a direction to resolve the situation. This is what this collective approach allowed.

Colonel Philippe Pillon, SIAé Deputy Technical Director

Using iObeya’s visual management tool, SIAé increased cohesion across organizational layers and departments, which is especially important in today’s hybrid work environment. They created a single source of truth for increased transparency that helped align global teams and communicate more readily.

Additionally, individuals can escalate and consolidate information up the chain of command to flag critical information for rapid problem solving. This is incredibly important when this information pertains to maintenance or modifications which can directly impact the timeline of aircraft availability.

SIAé has accelerated information sharing across the organization and enabled fast, effective problem solving by digitizing and visualizing their Lean practices in iObeya.

Visually Manage the Flow of Work

The iObeya platform enabled SIAé to get better information to teams in an easily digestible way, get everyone on the same page in real-time, and make better decisions.

SIAé is now able to visually manage the flow of work, automate information flow, and reduce lead times. Individuals are better able to autonomously make more informed decisions quickly. This in turn maximizes value, which is the availability of the small number of C-130 aircraft.

Additionally, the platform makes it easy for teams to identify anything that requires attention to quickly course correct and prevent bottlenecks. This helps SIAé coordinate work and optimize resources to eliminate waste.

The visualization of the fleet tracker has allowed SIAé to not only maintain but effectively increase the availability of the C-130 aircraft in real-time.

Digitally Connect Teams in a Secure Platform

iObeya’s secure platform digitally connects SIAé teams. They successfully digitized their Lean practices and only authorized people can view or edit the appropriate information. Using a platform that is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified ensures strict industry standards and international regulations are followed.

These protocols keep information and data secure while still ensuring a smooth experience digitally collaborating across global teams. This is crucial given the delicate nature of the information which SIAé handles.

Accelerate Lean Transformations with iObeya

Having a dedicated area for collaboration and problem-solving that fits into SIAé’s Lean management practices has helped bridge organizational layers, visualize the fleet’s status and improve organizational efficiency.

SIAé now expertly ensures the rapid availability of the rare C-130 aircraft. By using iObeya, SIAé has successfully accelerated its existing Lean transformation journey and maximized the benefits.

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