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Online Obeya Summit 2024

Join the Online Obeya Summit 2024 for an immersive journey into Obeya practices, 
where you’ll connect with leading experts, gain practical insights, and expand your network within the global community.

Explore the World of Obeya at the Online Summit 2024 with iObeya

Circle March 22nd on your calendars for the Online Obeya Summit, a day where leading experts from the active Obeya community come together to share their insights, learnings, and experiences.

The agenda includes engaging discussions on Scaling and Theory U, as well as deep dives into Maturity tooling and the integration of RTE & Obeya. This summit offers a treasure trove of content, making it an ideal Opportunity for both seasoned practitioners and newcomers to Obeya to broaden their knowledge, refine their practices, and expand their professional network within this dynamic community.

Dive Into the Spirit of the Obeya Community

To truly grasp the Obeya community’s spirit and principles, immerse yourself in our webinar “Unlocking The Power of Obeya.” This collaboration with the Obeya Association features expert insights on methods, scaling, and innovative applications, showcasing Obeya’s role in enhancing collaboration and innovation.

Become a Member of the Obeya Association

Join the Obeya Association with a yearly subscription of €75 to become a member of a dynamic Obeya practitioner community. Gain access to an extensive resource library and all Obeya online events, offering a prime opportunity for learning, sharing, and networking globally.

Get Your Coupon

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to participate in the Online Obeya Summit 2024, happening on March 22nd, at a reduced rate of €7.50 (compared to the usual €15). This opportunity will allow you to explore innovations and best practices in the fields of Obeya and Lean.
To receive your coupon and take advantage of this offer at the Online Obeya Summit 2024, sign up here.
By utilizing the iObeya coupon, you will access to the event and secure a special annual subscription for only €7.50, compared to the regular price of €75. Join the Obeya Association and become a part of a vibrant community of Obeya practitioner community.

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