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Delegation board

What is a delegation board?

A delegation board is a management tool that allows you to define the level of decision making within a team for any task or project. This is also called a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) Chart or Responsibility Assignment Matrix.

The objective is to clarify the decision-making levels within the team and to collectively determine the desired level of delegation. To do this, the delegation panel is divided into eight parts:

  1. The subject matter
  2. “Saying” (The manager makes decisions alone and informs his team)
  3. “Selling” (The manager makes decisions, but takes the time to convince the team members)
  4. “Consult” (The manager makes a decision once he/she has collected and considered the opinions of the team)
  5. “Agree” (The manager and the team discuss and make the decision uniformly)
  6. “Advise” (The manager advises and influences the team but the decision is made by the team)
  7. “Investigate” (The manager investigates after the decision is made by the team)
  8. “Delegate” (Manager fully delegates decision making without verification)

To use a delegation board a team must meet around specific tasks or projects. First, the participants place a mark on the board according to their opinion of the current level of decision-making. Then, each participant places a mark on the level of decision-making they would like to have. The section with the most participants defines the new management style that should be implemented.

Why is a delegation board used?

A delegation board promotes autonomy within a team and participative management. Additionally, this tool is particularly effective when there are unclear areas in the delegation of tasks. Finally, the fact that the delegation board takes into account all opinions in order to reach a common agreement on the most appropriate level of delegation makes this tool particularly valued by the teams that use it.

Who uses a delegation board ?

Teams, especially managers, looking to do a retrospection and/or define their management methods find a powerful tool in the use of a delegation board.

How to set up a delegation board in iObeya?

To set up a delegation board in your visual management space, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your room, then click Configure the room at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Add a blank board to your room.
  3. Select the Delegation board background from the background catalog.
  4. Add in your tool dock a new set of Notes and rename them according to the columns
  5. Your board is now ready to be used.

Pro Tips on how to set up a delegation board

We advise you not to exceed 5 minutes for the first phase of thinking. It is important to favor the second phase which will define the delegation level within a team. Moreover, for a more efficient and collaborative use, you can give the voice to the participants who voted the most in the extremities. Finally, it is important to come back to this board on a regular basis in order to update and redefine the managerial methods used according to the different subjects dealt with.

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