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Skills matrix

What is a Skill matrix?

A Skills Matrix is a project management tool that allows you to assess the individual skills of a team.. This tool is particularly effective because of its ease of use. Indeed, a skills matrix is illustrated by a table with two components:

  • The team members ( row)
  • Their skills (column)

At each intersection, users must quantify their skill levels. This way, the different skill levels within a team are highlighted, which allows for more efficient project planning.

Why is a Skill matrix used?

A skills matrix is particularly effective for analyzing individual skills in a team and for project management. Indeed, this tool allows you to identify precisely the level of competence of the members of a team, thus allowing you to initiate the most efficient actions within a team such as the creation of groups or the implementation of training. Moreover, it allows you to delegate tasks to the most appropriate people while knowing which profile to replace them with if they are absent.

Who uses a skill matrix?

A skills matrix is widely used by teams, especially by project managers, when it comes to analyzing the strengths and weaknesses within a team in order to plan a project. All teams can find a use for this model, no matter the sector or department.

How to set up a Skill matrix board in iObeya?

  1. Enter your room, then click Configure the room at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Add a blank board to your room.
  3. Select the skill matrix background from the background catalog.
  4. Add in your tool dock the Team stickers and the Skills stickers
  5. Your board is now ready to be used.

Pro Tips on how to set up a Skill matrix

We recommend that you take into consideration as many factors as possible (education, training, experiences, etc.) when evaluating the skills of each person. This tool is particularly effective when launching a project. Moreover, in order for this matrix to be most effective, the skills studied must be as closely related as possible to the tasks to be accomplished. Finally, don’t forget to update this model if one of the members of your team evolves in their skills.

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