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Microsoft and iObeya fuse to create an optimized workspace

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The iObeya and Surface Hub teams worked together to integrate the collaboration and project management tools designed by iObeya into Microsoft’s applications and devices. With iObeya, users can benefit from the platform’s services on various Microsoft devices and applications (computers, tablets, Surface Hubs, Microsoft 365, and Teams). According to Lucie Renaudeau, Product Manager for the Surface line for major account clients, the integration of iObeya into Microsoft’s tools makes sense because the two companies share the same vision of creating intuitive tools to optimizeworkspaces .
Users can benefit from a complete integration of iObeya tools into the Microsoft environment: download the iObeya application, open iObeya in a web browser, and connect with a single sign-on. You can enjoy all the iObeya features on your devices to:

  • Easily share your KPI boards during a daily meeting on Teams
  • Use tools and templates to create brainstorming and voting sessions, Kanban boards, and more
  • Create “activity cards” directly from an schedule in Excel
  • Access performance management tools such as SQCDP, QCDI, SQCDM, and KPI consolidation.

And many other integrated features.

Microsoft and iObeya both believe that tools should be simple and intuitive so that teams can easily adopt and and effectively use the tools. iObeya and Surface strive to preserve natural human behaviors in their digital collaboration tools.

Touching, zooming, writing, and even drawing together simultaneously on a common device are essential elements for an effective collaboration. By preserving natural human interactions, iObeya allows teams to include creativity in their work processes and facilitates collective intelligence.

In summary, the integration of iObeya with Microsoft tools allows for an intuitive user experience in line with the needs of modern teams.

With iObeya, organizations can bring together teams dispersed around the world (some working in-person, others remotely) in virtual Obeyas. This platform also allows teams to report difficulties and securely share information across all levels of the company.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also investing in this approach by developing the mobility of its devices. Thus, tablets and Surface Hub 2s can be transported and used in both meeting rooms and production sites.

Thanks to the iObeya platform, organizations can fully utilize the Surface Hub devices, transforming all spaces into collaborative workspaces.

Microsoft integrates iObeya with their platforms and devices to enable a simplified, natural user experience to turn anywhere into an optimized workspace.
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