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In this interview Joe Murli, founder of the Murli group, specialized in Lean consulting, explains why they chose iObeya software to help their client achieve operational excellence.

The Murli group focuses on the cultural aspect of lean management. In the vision of the group’s experts, all the elements of a lean system must tend to create a culture of problem solving within the organization. Organizations should not try to copy/paste lean tools they have seen working elsewhere, they must adapt each of the lean management elements to their own environment.

Digitize lean management

The Murli group had been looking since 2002 for a solution to digitize Lean practices. Indeed, the digitization of lean practices makes it possible to test and implement new processes while streamlining existing ones, but also to reduce errors, improve accuracy and increase the overall quality of products and services. These objectives are at the heart of the Murly group’s missions. Finding a solution to digitize lean practices was fundamental.

Most of the software specialized in Lean was however unsuited to their needs. Indeed, these softwares was designed from standardized formats and was too rigid. Software publishers forced us to adapt organization and tools to their models. This lack of flexibility, that constrains organizations to a pre-established and unsuitable model, cannot allow an effective Lean transformation.

iObeya: a Tailor-made Lean platform

The iObeya solution convinced the Murly group’s experts thanks to the flexibility of the solution. With Iobeya, basically you start from a blank sheet, to create a whole visual management system perfectly adapted to the situations instead of adapting the situation to comply with the software.

iObeya allows you to create visual management systems that are perfectly adapted to the environment within which you work, as you would do with a physical piece of paper.

Joe Murli, founder of the Murli Group
Since 2002, the Murly Group has worked with organizations to evaluate their operations and develop strategies to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. iObeya has become the Tool of Preference for the lean experts of the Murly group.
Murli uses iObeya to support the Lean methodology for his remote rituals.
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