Industry 4.0

Smart Factory
powered by people

Boost operational excellence and continuous improvement by seamlessly digitizing performance management (QCD, SQCD, SQCDP,...) in your Industry 4.0 transformation.

Human-centric and integrated performance system for your plants and operations

Modular dashboard

Build your dashboards by assembling KPIs and other performance content.

KPI hierarchy

Design KPI structure by combining indicators through automatic consolidation.

Action management

Create, escalate and monitor corrective actions throughout the full PDCA cycle.

Data integration

Plug iObeya into any IT system or equipment thanks to the open API and SDK.

Maintenance Board

Performance Management

Plant System

Flow Monitoring

Line Layout

Problem Solving

Daily Planning

Maintenance Board

Key benefits

Adopt immediately from operators to top managers

Speed-up problem-solving with faster escalation and effortless KPIs updates

Deploy your performance management system while keeping it as simple as paper

We were looking for a system to conduct weekly actions between different sites. The discovery of iObeya was a revelation. We recorded a significant improvement in performance, both in terms of communication between teams, the reliability of the schedule and the implementation of activities.

Thibault FOURNIER,
Operations Management - SBR SC

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