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4 reasons why you need to digitize your SQCDP

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A manufacturing shop floor management team evaluating the results on their digitzed SQCDP board

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Are you using an SQCDP in your manufacturing plant and still wondering why some people digitize it?
Are you considering going digital for your shop floor management or industry 4.0 system, but don’t really know about the real benefits?

We have 4 reasons to digitize your SQCDP and shop floor management:

  • Boost your decision making
  • Improve your Data Management
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Enter the hybrid era

Boost your decision making

A visual management system with a digital SQCDP deploys your own standardized methodology in your global organization to achieve operational excellence.
Streamline your performance management system and enhance overall efficiency by:

  • Tracking and monitoring your SQCDP KPIs in real-time
  • Quickly identifying and solving problems
  • Taking corrective actions before problems grow
  • Making it easier to identify the root causes of your problems
  • Reducing costs of your tiered performance management system

Your decisions become data driven, your resources are optimized, and it paves the way for continuous improvement.

Improve your Data Management

A digitized version of your SQCDP system will provide your organization with one source of truth for manufacturing data with:

  • Automated KPI aggregation with effortless data entry
  • Past data available at your fingertips
  • Corrective action escalation to upper tiers

Store your data in a secured environment, where actions are recorded and cannot be deleted, ensuring that knowledge is retained within the organization.
Provide your organization with an overall performance outlook, with real-time information available in a transparent, company-wide and human-centric system.

What does this look like? Digitized SQCDP provides easy-to-read dashboards with graphs and tables, which can help you visualize your performance data and identify areas for improvement.

A man working on a digital SQCDP board in the iObeya software platform

Facilitate collaboration

Digitizing SQCDP does not mean staring at passive data screens in the shopfloor; it wouldn’t be enough to get the job done. Teams need to interact with data with a collaborative mindset.
With your online SQCDP you can improve communication and collaboration across departments and teams, leading to better results while:

  • sharing problems, their root causes and resolutions
  • defining best practices
  • empowering your teams by allowing them to take ownership and responsibility of their own actions

Your digital SQCDP also improves transparency, by making all data accessible to all stakeholders enabling them to work together, contribute ideas, share data, and make decisions

Enter the hybrid era

With the Covid-19 pandemic many manufacturing plants needed to transform their Lean practices and to adapt quickly to this new hybrid world. Like Sanofi, many big organizations decided to go digital and to upgrade their factory to industry 4.0 standards. Based on the success of these efforts, shop floor digitization has become de-facto a must-have for many factories.
Digitizing your SQCDP is also a key part of any successful 4.0 transformation, granting your team remote access to critical information, ensuring they can collaborate in an easy, powerful and secure way.

The digitization of your SQCDP with a digital visual management system acts as a pillar of your factory 4.0 by improving efficiency, visibility, collaboration and knowledge management. Digitization will lead your plants to operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Discover how Sanofi digitized its shop floor management system in this Forrester x Sanofi Total Economic Impact study.

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