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Capgemini Apps Deploys Agile at Scale and Accelerates Customers’ Agile Transformations with iObeya

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With 290,000 team members in nearly 50 countries, Capgemini, thanks to Thomas Quartier, Principal Lean Agile Secteur Public and Yannick Gorin, Director of the Lean & Agile Center of Excellence, is trusted by a diverse range of global customers to transform and manage their business by harnessing the power of technology. Capgemini Apps implements specific packages of complex software systems for their customers. By implementing Agile methods with iObeya, Capgemini employees address business needs faster, increase productivity, and drive digital transformations within their customers’ organizations as well as their own.

The Need for a Digital Tool to Support Agile Methodology

The Lean & Agile Center of Excellence ensures Capgemini teams are running at optimum efficiency in order to best deliver value to their customers. While most often associated with software development, Agile practices today have evolved beyond software development to enhance collaboration practices to achieve faster results by constantly being able to adapt. Agile transformations have proved to be critical for global enterprises during the volatile and uncertain business context of the COVID-19 health crisis. Additionally, the Lean & Agile Center of Excellence manages the SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework) training for their customers to ensure solutions are quickly adopted by teams for optimized efficiency.

Supporting Agile Transformations in a Digital World

Capgemini Apps was seeking a way to scale Agile practices within their own organization, as well as their customers’ organizations, by bringing global teams together on a single collaborative Visual Management platform. Capgemini Apps needed to be able to continue working as a globally connected organization, maintaining value flows across the entire organization.

In particular, Capgemini Apps was looking for a way to continue performing SAFe® training remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure their customers could achieve the benefits of Agile at Scale such as a cost reduction in global quarterly events and continuous improvement.

We aim to support our customers’ transformation to Lean and Agile. So the goals are to enable them to achieve their business ambitions faster, to deliver continuous business value and to move from a historic project mode to product mode to reduce their time to market and increase productivity within their teams.

Yannick Gorin, Head of Lean Agile transformation Center of Excellence.

The paper-based tools Capgemini Apps deployed to help their customers’ in their transformation journey quickly reached their limits, especially with global multi-site teams unable to travel. In order to deliver continuous value, Capgemini needed to digitize their Agile practices.

Scaling Agile Practices Remotely

In order to adapt their existing Agile practices internally and training externally to this new context, Capgemini Apps began to deploy their methodologies digitally with iObeya.

Capgemini Apps was then able to prioritize work items and visualize dependencies on Kanban and Program boards to quickly adapt to their new remote working circumstances. Their team could easily manage epics, features and stories, as well as track story points. Managing the sprint backlog remained as productive as ever throughout 2020 and beyond.

The iObeya tool is way more than a whiteboard, it’s a collaborative operating and management system within an organization to unify and gather around objectives and enable remote collaboration.

Yannick Gorin

An Visual Management tool to Accelerate Agile Transformations, Enhance Collaboration and Increase Productivity

Using the iObeya platform, Capgemi was able to hold their quarterly PI planning sessions completely remotely for the health and safety of their large business units across many countries despite the ongoing health crisis. This enables teams to accelerate their adherence to the methodology and is much simpler to deploy than a physical room in addition to the cost savings on travel.

iObeya allows us to accelerate adherence to the methods. It’s much simpler to deploy it than a physical room. For different agile rituals we have templates and frameworks that allow us to deploy Agile presets at scale much faster.

Thomas Quartier
The rapid deployment and seamless adoption of digitized Agile practices enhances the methodologies’ benefits with an even faster time to market, enhanced transparency across silos, and increased productivity.

The core functionalities are the ability to take cards and make synchronized copies spread across different boards. This is the key. Very quickly we identify how to link this collection to this feature that will move from board to board and the teams can easily find their stories.

Thomas Quartier, Principal Lean Agile Secteur Public

Using iObeya’s key features that enable seamless value flows, users can quickly make connections across projects and teams for enhanced business continuity to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

We use iObeya in our Visual Management tools because of its powerful collaboration functions as well as its Visual Management, we see things clearly.

Thomas Quartier

Delivering Value, such as SAFe training, to Customers

iObeya has been a powerful tool for Capgmini as they guide their clients along their Agile transformation journey. Within one year of strictly using the iObeya platform exclusively, the Capgemini Lean & Agile Center of Excellence adopted iObeya to ensure the business continuity of the SAFe® training for their customers.

I see it as an accelerator both for our customer and for our internal operating modes.

Thomas Quartier

Capgemini was able to deploy SAFe® training for 1,800 people remotely both internally among Capgemini employees and externally for their key customers.

Firstly iObeya was instrumental in allowing us] to conduct our workshops with our clients to refill our backlogs and continue our activity of creating these systems for our customers. And secondly [iObeya helped us] to lead entire training classes and be able to teach our courses with the same level of quality as in face to face classes.

Thomas Quartier
iObeya provides Capgemini Apps with the tools to guide their customers and allows their customers to find all content and templates required to support a seamless SAFe® deployment.

We suggest it to all our clients as one of the tools necessary for their shift towards agility.

Thomas Quartier

Global Collaboration and Agile at Scale in one Visual Management Platform

Capgmini achieved many positive outcomes by using iObeya. Ensuring business continuity by digitally implementing their Agile practices enterprise-wide enabled Capgemini to adapt quickly and better serve their global customers in their Agile transformations.

I am a satisfied manager with a very interesting tool with high potential that will enable us to implement new work practices and respond to both business and customer challenges, which is Capegmini’s motto. To unleash the value of technology to support our clients’ transformation.

Thomas Quartier, Principal Lean Agile Secteur Public

iObeya has helped Capgmini collaborate globally, scale and digitize their Agile practices, and deliver value to their customers more quickly by supporting their SAFe training and Agile transformations. The ease of global collaboration facilitated the delivery of enhanced customer value by enabling seamless teamwork and knowledge sharing. Implementing Agile practices at scale, particularly the SAFe® framework, led to continuous business value delivery, allowing teams to prioritize customer needs and deliver solutions within abridged timelines. Additionally, the successful adaptation to remotely training of 1800 individuals exemplified the effectiveness of digital tools in facilitating upskilling.

By digitizing Agile methodologies, organizations can enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction, and their competitive edge in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

Capgemini leverages iObeya’s SAFe features to identify and address customer needs and accelerate decision-making processes.
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