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iObeya’s Champions Unlocking Success: A User’s Experience with iObeya

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Industry managers sharing their experiences and impressions on the use of iObya during IUX 2023

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During our iUX 2023 event last June, we had the opportunity to meet 19 of our iObeya champions. We had the pleasure of questioning them about their use of visual management, the reasons behind their deployment of iObeya, and the types of use cases supported by iObeya within their companies. Our discussions revealed that, despite their varied industries, iObeya champions share a common goal: to improve efficiency, transparency and communication within their organizations. The adoption of visual management as a unifying method has proved essential to driving positive change, fostering innovation and achieving sustainable success across different sectors. The decision to use iObeya as a visual management tool enabled rapid adoption and uptake by users, thanks to its intuitive and fun nature, while offering a complete range of solutions in a single tool.

In which industries do our iObeya champions work?

Our 19 champions work in the following industries:

  • International logistics and transport company
  • International pharmaceutical company
  • Aerospace companies
  • Aeronautical design and industrial maintenance
  • Transportation services
  • Defense & Security
  • Security & Safety
  • Research and innovation centers
  • Digital technologies
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Public services

Digitization at its Best

In a constantly evolving professional environment, it is vital to adapt and innovate continuously. Our clients, major players in various industrial sectors, have quickly discerned the added value that integrating iObeya brings to their daily operations.

Streamlining Processes and Team Efficiency

During the critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic, iObeya’s utility stood out by ensuring seamless collaboration among multi-site teams, transcending physical constraints. Indeed, the limitations imposed by physical space are no longer a barrier as our digital platform encourages visual communication, thus offering an efficient channel for information exchange. All involved teams, dispersed around the world (or confined to different parts of a city), could access up-to-date information and interact without hindrance.

Multi-site Collaboration During Pandemic Times

The digitization of Short Interval Management (SIM) via iObeya facilitates swift communication and real-time feedback, eliminating the delays inherent to traditional methods. This digital approach also promotes clear and concise data representation, thus aiding in informed and collaborative decision-making. Moreover, it promotes real-time advancement tracking which allows for rapid adjustments, significantly improving the team’s responsiveness and agility. Therefore, iObeya proves to be a valuable tool for optimizing processes and establishing a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Operational Agility and Decision-Making

Adopting virtual visual management with iObeya has enabled our champions to not only enhance their organizations’ operational agility but also to refine the speed and efficiency of decision-making.

Commitment to Modernity and Sustainability

The adoption of digital screens instead of paper boards embodies a steadfast commitment to modernity and a sustainable initiative, aligning well with the principles of 4.0 factories and Lean manufacturing. Thanks to iObeya, our champions have initiated a Lean transformation, thus stimulating technological innovation and promoting wiser resource utilization. This approach contributes to reducing the company’s ecological footprint while boosting its operational efficiency, marking a bold step towards a greener and more efficient future.

Fostering Teamwork and Adaptability

By centralizing information within the Obeya rooms and facilitating real-time exchanges, iObeya encourages responsiveness and harmonious collaboration, essential assets in today’s professional world.

Unified Vision and Team Cohesion

Lastly, utilizing iObeya serves as a unifying force by facilitating a shared vision among teams, promoting a cohesive and aligned approach. By recognizing the value of visual management supported by iObeya, organizations can harness its potential to drive continuous improvement and achieve higher levels of success.

What are the visual management use cases of our champions?

  • Project Management: This involves the structured approach and practices used to plan, execute, and control projects to achieve specific goals and objectives efficiently.
  • Problem Solving: The process of identifying, analyzing, and resolving issues or challenges that arise during project execution or in the organization’s operations.
  • QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control): A rapid and effective quality control method used to identify and address quality issues promptly, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products or services.
  • Short Interval Management: Monitoring and controlling processes at short intervals to ensure that tasks are on track and to make quick adjustments if deviations occur.
  • Project Management, Action Plan Sharing: Collaborative sharing of action plans among project stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page and contributes to project success.
  • Deployment of Lean Practices: Implementing Lean principles and techniques to optimize processes, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency throughout the organization.
  • Performance Monitoring: Continuous tracking and evaluation of key performance indicators to measure progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Product Launch: Coordinating all activities and resources required to introduce a new product to the market successfully.
  • KPI Monitoring: Regular monitoring of performance indicators to assess the health and progress of projects or organizational processes.
  • Coordination of Technical Shutdowns: Managing the planning and execution of technical shutdowns or maintenance activities to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.
  • Schedule Management: Ensuring projects or tasks adhere to predefined schedules and timelines, making adjustments as needed to keep projects on track.
  • Issue Escalation: Promptly raising and addressing critical issues that require higher-level attention and resolution.
  • Meeting Facilitation: Guiding and facilitating productive meetings to ensure effective communication and decision-making among team members.
  • Daily Stand-Up Meeting: A brief and focused meeting held daily to update team members on progress, discuss challenges, and plan the day’s activities.
  • Team Activity Monitoring: Tracking and overseeing the activities and progress of teams to ensure alignment with project objectives.
  • Design and Production Monitoring: Monitoring and evaluating the design and production processes to maintain quality and efficiency.
  • Task Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of individual tasks to ensure completion within specified deadlines and quality standards.
  • PI Planning (Program Increment Planning ): A structured event in Agile development where teams plan and align their work for a fixed period, typically lasting several weeks.
  • Agile Rituals: Regular, recurring events in Agile methodologies, such as daily stand-ups, sprint reviews, and retrospectives, designed to foster collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement within development teams.

What benefits do our champions attribute to iObeya?

iObeya offers a wide range of benefits, making it an ideal solution for teams working across multiple sites. It provides excellent value for money, with its ability to connect everywhere and deliver truly good service quality. Its high level of customizability and comprehensiveness allows teams to tailor it to their specific needs.

iObeya’s remarkable capability to code APIs enables automatic information retrieval, saving valuable time on indicator input. Moreover, it optimizes physical space and enhances the clarity of information, ensuring smooth communication between teams.

The ease of deployment and simple user adoption make it a user-friendly tool, eliminating the need for training for end-users. The hyper-intuitive application, coupled with engaging meeting animations, ensures that information is always available and escalates crucial details efficiently.

By facilitating daily tasks of employees and incorporating methodology into their routines, iObeya fosters collaborative cohesion and sheds light on teams’ efforts and achievements. The tool also establishes regularity in exchanges and supports real-time information sharing, giving a clear view of company workflows.

Overall, iObeya strengthens employees’ commitment to their projects and significantly streamlines task management, making it an indispensable asset for efficient and successful team collaboration.

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