The Murli Group creates a problem-solving culture

The Murli Group logo, iObeya's client

CEO Joe Murli of the Murli Group was looking for visual management to support a lean methodology. Listen as he explores how the flexibility of iObeya’s platform helps to create a problem-solving culture in an organization.

Microsoft and iObeya fuse to create an optimized workspace

Microsoft logo, iObeya's client

Microsoft seamlessly integrates iObeya with their platforms and devices to enable a simplified user experience that enhances natural human gestures and behaviors. This unique convergence of technology allows users to turn anywhere into an optimized workspace.

Chantiers de l’Atlantique accelerates its 4.0 transformation

Chantiers de l'Atlantique logo, iObeya's client

Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s digital Lean transformation was quick, seamless, and valuable thanks to iObeya’s intuitive platform. iObeya is now considered by the company’s managers to be both an essential pillar in its strategic plan as well as an excellent coordination and communication tool for all of its business projects. An interface that integrates reference data […]

Schneider Electric digitalizes Agile, optimizing efficiency

Schneider Electric's logo, iObeya's client

Between reduced costs and widespread adoption, iObeya has become a key solution for Schneider Electric to ensure business continuity while guaranteeing a high level of data security thanks to the ISO 27 001 standard. By adopting Lean and Agile methods with iObeya, Schneider Electric employees are driving the organization’s digital transformation, meeting customers needs faster […]